Booking Confirmation Process

Upon receiving your request to book an India Tour Package, we’ll send you an email to initiate reservations for the requested services in your name. Following this, once we’ve secured all your hotel reservations and other services, you’ll receive an official Tour Package Confirmation. This document will detail finalized hotel names, travel dates, and the comprehensive tour itinerary. At this stage, we will request an advance transfer of 30% of the total tour cost as a guarantee to secure your booking with us. The remaining 70% can be settled upon your arrival in India. This ensures transparency between you and our team.

Payment Policy

For all contracted services, an advance payment is necessary to confirm the booking. The balance amount can be settled before your departure from your country or upon your arrival in India, as mutually agreed upon by our management and guests. The advance payment amount is determined based on the service nature and the time remaining before the service begins. Special cases such as peak season bookings or special train journeys may require full advance payment, as specified in your tour proposal.

Payment Details

For Frequent Individual Travelers (FIT):

  • 30% upon confirmation of the order
  • 70% upon arrival in India or Day 1 of the tour

For Groups Independent Travelers (GIT):

  • 50% upon confirmation of the order
  • 50% before arrival in India or one month before the tour’s start date

Overseas payments can be made via Wire Transfer to our Bank or by Credit Card.


We offer flexibility to customize proposed tour packages according to your travel requirements and can extend tours to nearby cities based on your preferences.

Physical Requirements

Our tour packages involve minimal physical activity, requiring no special preparation. If you need a wheelchair or any other assistance, we’re committed to providing the best support.

Included Activities

Upon receiving your travel quote request, we’ll provide you with a detailed India Travel Program encompassing hotel options and costs. Activities included in the tour are listed under “Package Inclusions,” while all other activities are optional and at your expense. Refunds won’t be provided for opted-out activities once confirmed in the itinerary.